who is Drishya Dipshali ?

Hello Everyone . Its me Drishya Dipshali. I am from Nepal and travelling in many places of Nepal. Travelling in new places was my passion from my childhood . I love to writing also so i created this blog .

Nepal is very beautiful country with full of mountains and many more things . There are many tourist destinations are located which should be promote more and more . World should know those places . So i am trying to explore my own country hidden places which have potential to attract many people.

  • drishya dipshali in dhapkharka
  • drishya dipshali watching view of mountain
  • drishya dipshali
  • Drishya dipshali sitting in snow

Travelling , Writing , Programming , Graphic Design , Video editing is my hobby . Recently i created many websites in 2021 during lockdown time. I was planning for this blog from many times ago but it was delaying due to many reasons .

Especially lack of time was best enemy for me to create this blog because i was doing so many things in same time such as i was creating youtube videos . I was teaching computer to students . I was running a agriculture farm but i was alone .

Now i am realizing that i should to give more priority for one thing rather than giving more time for too many things . I will contribute my whole life for this website . I am sure , This commitment will not break by me.

I am beginner is blogging . There are many bloggers who are working from many years ago but i know this is not also a bad time for blogging. I am starting this blog in june 11 , 2021 and writing this article by siting in front of comuter and listening hindi music :p 😛

I am not running this blog website for only money . My main aim to run this website to create more and more content related with travelling . Thank you

Note : I will update many things in this article time to time.